Fund Sri Vishnu for YouTube Videos

About the Fundraiser


If you really love our work.

You can support our channel through funding our next video

It can be a minimum amount but it helps us to inspire and change lives of many people through our videos.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

Sri Vishnu

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In order to improve the quality of the content some financial support is required to upgrade the software tools and systems used.

Also we are planning to launch a website and app as soon as possible this fund could also be used to develop a website and app for Almost Everything.

How the funds will be used

  1. Led monitor Rs,9750
  2. App development charge Rs.17500
  3. Processor Rs.16000
  4. Books Rs.6500/month (can be used for 2 months)
  5. Editing charge Rs.15000/month (can be used for 2 months)
  6. Graphics card Rs.12000
  7. Editing tools subscription fees Rs.4500/month (can be used for 2 months)
  8. RAM Rs.8000
  9. Motherboard Rs.9500

Total : Rs.1,24,750